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Okay guys, here’s the situation. 

I’ve been searching for another another job for quite some time, and in my search I put in for a position in another branch of the company I currently work for. When they called my manager for a reference, he mistakenly understood that I had been given the job and replaced me without notice. Today, I found out there is still no guarantee that I have the position. So, I’m staring at a position where I may have been wrongfully terminated. But right now I’m stuck in limbo with bills to pay and rent coming up.

On top of that, I may or may not have endometriosis and will require surgery to determine the diagnosis. I’ve been dealing with intermittent pelvic pain for almost eight years now and missing work due to the pain is probably part of why my boss was so eager to replace me. :/ 

So if anyone can spare a few dollars to help me out right now, I would really appreciate it. And even if you can’t please signal boost? 

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"I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.”

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Katee Sackhoff Hints at Marvel Role, Is She Ms. Marvel?

I can see that. I can definitely see that (Katee is awesome in Longmire, btw)


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Marvel Goddesses by *earache-J

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MS MARVEL Trailer 2014 - [HD] (by ModeMarvelous)

I just stumbled across this fanmade trailer, and HOLY crap, this is amazing.

It hits ALL the right points for a Ms. Marvel movie, and the use of footage and dialogue is SO spot on.

It’s got a few flaws, and the ending left me with a ‘wha?’ but for the most part, I love this presentation of what a Ms. Marvel movie could be.

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"Go #$%@ yourself!"

Fearless Defenders #6
Art by Will Sliney
Words by Cullen Bunn

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Laura and Jubilee by Ricken-Art.

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Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost

… I wonder if they’ll give her that pet dragon she has…

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Young Avengers + Secret Identities: Hawkeye + Stature [2/5]

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You have uttered your famous “Avengers Assemble” for the final time! From now on, the war cry to remember shall be…

Avengers v1 #83